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A small, bootstrapped Design studio based in Chicago, Illinois with over 10 years of experience in the Technology, Digital Marketing & Advertising domains.

As the saying goes: Good things come in small packages. Because of our size, we remain agile in both our methodology and our execution. Our passion and experience are what sets us apart and allows us to approach our projects with speed, agility and precision that larger companies are unable to accomplish.

workFunc was founded by Jonah Bitautas at the end of 2012 after 5 years of successfully running a freelance consultancy business as a sole proprietor. Prior to that Jonah was a Flash Developer, Lead Interactive Designer, Front-End Developer and even a Digital Art Director at various high-profile agencies around Chicago. Jonah’s entrepreneurial and independent nature led him to embrace the idea of “being his own boss”. The culmination of this is workFunc.

workFunc has a wide range of experience from Digital Identity, Rich Media Campaigns, Responsive Websites, Software Design, Software Prototyping and Web Applications. This experience and knowledge across various disciplines all funnel directly two core principles: refined Design and lean Development. These philosophies have brought a rare value to all the projects that we have been a part of. 

We consider your projects our projects and we love to work closely with our clients, iterating through the phases until we hit that sweet spot! Not to sound cheesy, but you’re more than a client, you’re our teammate. And that’s the truth.

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Simplicity creates the ultimate project Nirvana.

Achieving simplicity is complex. So what’s our strategy? To get to know you! We can walk the walk and talk the talk, but that doesn’t get the work done. Our process is fluid and responsive, just like the technology we build for. We believe in keeping things simple. Working smarter is what makes for a successful project, not working harder.

We’ll give you the attention you need and deserve.

We start out with a discussion to identify what you’re looking for, your vision of your company and what you would like to accomplish. We consider the work we do for our clients more like a team relationship and move to the speed of your tempo.

The workFunc Process

We have a project framework that’s been developed through years of experience and across many projects. But we always customize this process and workflow to best fit each client person-to-person, because we know that not everyone is the same.


Want to know our capabilities? Check out some of our past work above.



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workFunc is located in the lovely neighborhood of Pilsen. Visit by appointment only.

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